Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Life as a stay at home mom

I started this blog originally to showcase the craft merchandise in my etsy shop.  You know free advertising.  But besides the fact that I never post, it also just feels cheap and unauthentic.  So from now on it will be more of a blog based on my new adventure as a stay at home mom.  I have always worked and gone to school and this October I resigned after seven years of teaching Preschool in a low income district to stay at home.  Everything was going great.  I was fine with the lack of funds and had a great schedule down with my daughters.  September and October really is some of the best beach time in New Jersey.  We would wake up and head to the beach.  Come home for lunch take my daughter to her 2 hour preschool and put the baby down for a two hour nap. That is Perfection in my book.
Then Hurricane Sandy hit.  My life was turned upside down.  We had to leave our home and my Husband is a firefighter and of course it worked out that his first day shift would be the same day the Hurricane was to hit our little coastal town.  Even though everything in the house is fixed and our town is pulling its self back together I still feel that the stay at home part of my life is off.  Maybe the nice weather helped.  But I just feel like my girls and I are not balanced .  But enough complaining.  This blog is going to help me document the up and downs of being a stay at home mom.  I hope that if anyone reads it they will be able to give advice and maybe even get advice.

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