Wednesday, February 26, 2014

New DIY sofa art

I was really frustrated with my living room!  I had this really cool picture that I loved but it just looked to small hanging above my sofa.  So i got a little creative and added two DIY art pieces to go on both sides. Here is what I did.

I had two of these just laying around in my basement.  I got them over eight years ago for my first house.  They were really cheap like five dollars each. I liked the frame but not some much the painting. So i grabbed a jar of Martha Stuarts Silver paint and got to work.

I live close to the sea and we are avid surfers so it is only natural for our home to reflect a beachy vibe.  The problem is we still have all four seasons and in the middle of winter it makes me depressed to look at all the ocean memorabilia when its snowing outside.  Also I don't want out house to have a "theme". So i pic and chose carefully.  Thank being said I had a large sand dollar and starfish that were just laying around. So will a little help from my best friend (my glue gun) my project was complete!  

I really like the nontraditional beach vibe they give off.