Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Being a Yes Mom

I read a article recently on the Blog (How Does She) called  Being a yes mom.  It was exactly what I needed to read.  I realized that I was a NO mom.  I could always find some reason why we couldn't play with play dough or why we couldn't play outside (mostly because I wanted to clean and put away laundry).  Today I really tried to be a yes mom, and you know what...It was amazing.  We read 6 stories this morning before breakfast and it was such a great time.  We talked about the books and looked for letters and the sounds they make.  It reminded me why I left my well paying job to become a stay at home mom to begin with.  Staying home is a balance.  Talking, playing, teaching my daughters is what I felt I was missing when I went to work.  Yet, the longer that I stayed home the more my days morphed into running errands, mopping, cleaning, and yelling.  Today was a break thru for me in this uncharted path of motherhood.  I recommend any parent reading it whether you work or not because it really is an eye opener. 

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